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In November of 2016, I was looking into the door to door industry as a means to make a few extra bucks during the summer to get me through my undergraduate degree and one-day medical school. I met with company after company and couldn’t really find what I was looking for. All the pay scales were similar and each recruiter just seemed to have a lot of negative to say about any other company I said I had met with. It got to a point where I just thought I am done playing this “recruiting” game. Fast forward to February of 2017, I ran into Mitch, Jake, and Ben at a TopGolf in Utah. They told me all about the company they had just started called Anthem Pest Control. They were bringing Ben’s years of experience in the industry, Mitch’s competitive edge from just playing in the NFL and Jake’s laser focus on becoming the best all under one roof. It took one sit down lunch for me to catch their vision and become ALL IN!

Summer of 2017 was awesome! It not only got my feet wet in the industry but led me to change my plans from being a doctor to jumping into this full time! I entered my first recruiting season with a desire to run a team where everyone had success. Summer of 2018 was one for the books! I managed a team in just my second year in the industry and we did amazing! It was good to see a company not just talk the talk but also walk the walk. Anthem really is a place where you can come and find success and even create opportunities you never knew were there!

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