"This is one of those jobs that you can make

$15k-$30k in your first summer." - Hunter M (Sales Rep)


The Anthem experience is like no other, and head and shoulders above the rest. It's not just about one thing either. It's having the perfect combination of all the key areas: Compensation, Incentives, Markets, Training, Culture, and Priorities. We've got them in spades.

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raises the bar!



Anthem has the highest compensation plans in the industry. Your efforts will be awarded through aggressive pay plans that have produced the top earners in the business. Simply put, you will make more money with ANTHEM - end of story!



A companies training is only as good as those providing it. Anthem's Training Program is one of the best in the nation!  We offer the most in depth and highest level training, so that you can hit the ground running and are set up for success.


Anthem wants to set you up for success.  Our sales revolution is taking over the fastest growing markets.  We have hand selected the most profitable areas to insure that our sales team will not only succeed but will THRIVE!  


Justin D

Before I chose to work with Anthem of the 2018 summer, I was faced with a tough decision. Do I get an internship for the summer like the average college kid or do I step out of my comfort zone and choose a "Direct to Home" Sales job. After careful thought I decided to give Anthem a shot.

The skills I have learned and mastered over the summer are unmatched compared to if I would have take an offer for an internship and sit behind a desk all summer. From straight up sales skills to the mind and mentality it takes to be a winner. The skills I have learned this summer will serve me the rest of my life no matter what path I take...

Hunter M

Anthem is different than any other pest control company out there, from their impactful leaders, the driven team, and the organized operations, everything we do here is 10x.


This is one of the only jobs that you can make 15k-30k in just your first summer. I've learned how to close deals, communicate my ideas, and turn hard work into profit. This summer has been more valuable than any internship, summer class, or summer job that I would have otherwise dove into...

Blake Jensen

My "Why'' is a little different from most. Before coming to Anthem, I had sold for a few different companies and I had been in different markets. I had chased after certain commissions etc and even though I made lot's of money, I still didn't feel fulfilled.


I saw the culture that Anthem had, and I saw some of the training materials they used, and it was amazing. It soon came to my realization that commission percentages don't matter. What matters is the people you surround yourself with.


I chose to come to Anthem because I wanted to prove to myself and others that the Culture of the company is what makes the difference.

I ended up doubling my sales and income because of it. The combination of leaders, training and culture we have here is game changing, and it IS what most companies are missing. Come here and sell and try to prove it wrong. You'll end up staying like me. 

success stories.


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